Armed with agency-specific knowledge and experience, Shabas leverages its flexibility and agility as a small firm to execute large and complex projects.

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Shabas serves as the lead Asset Management consultant for, a shared services provider, guiding and supporting all Major Operational, HQ Staff Division, and Regional Field Activities involved in asset management from initial induction through final disposal of accountable, nonaccountable, and sensitive assets;

  • Helped several organizations achieve their targeted inventory completion rating through hands-on consulting support
  • Developed key metrics in revamping product life-cycle management for a federal program office from introduction, growth, maturity, and final decline of IT assets
  • Engaged by a global management consulting firm to assist one of their federal agency customers with property custodial support
  • Supported a federal agency’s Property Management Office with full range of property management operations
    • Performed in-depth analysis on asset management posture
    • Isolated key deficiencies in receipt and disposal of assets
    • Applied life cycle and obsolescence management "best-practice" principles that produced an improved inventory accuracy rate; highest in last 10 years
  • Monitored stock level of drugs and identified expired ones at a medical logistics facility, and prepared requisitions for items in low or zero quantity status
  • Provided Recall Management support for medicine supplies
  • Provided supply management support for a national security initiative that included shipping, receiving, data entry and inventory management support
  • Developed a multi-year strategic plan for a Federal Supply Chain Services organization using SWOT analysis and facilitated sessions

Shabas is upgrading the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and GMP regulations at a government medical logistics facility which is a critical supplier of pharmaceutical, medical devices, vaccines, clinical research products, and controlled substances to various federal organizations.

  • Provided analysis and guidance for implementation of Drug Supply Chain Security Act
  • Conducted quality investigations (Deviations, CAPA, Investigations) following customer communications or management directives, and Validation activities
  • Recommended Cold-chain Management best practices
  • Supported regulatory inspection audits
  • Designed and delivered cGMP Training to federal staff and contractors

Shabas has been engaged to provide CMC / Pharmaceutics / Formulation Consulting Support services as part of an NIH effort to assist medical scientists and researchers to quickly bring promising drugs to market. Our role includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Identify and assess regulatory risks for compounds under development and provide CMC guidance. Develop CMC strategies which accord with US and international guidelines
  • Provide recommendations for drug substance manufacturing, analytical method development, and process development for small molecules
  • Provide pharmaceutical sciences expertise in chemical manufacturing, formulation, and product development for small molecules
  • Assist in ensuring timely preparation, review, and submission of chemical manufacturing and controls documents to regulatory authorities including FDA, European Medicines Agency [EMA] and other national authorities, to support the conduct of clinical trials and marketing applications
  • Provide expertise in activities related to API development
  • In depth experience with developing and/or administering agencywide property and transportation management policy, and associated regulatory reporting
  • Developed cGMP Quality Policy for a government medical logistics Facility
  • Developed federal receivable management policies as part of Dodd Frank implementation at a financial services regulatory agency
  • Conducted assessment of a Department-wide-Charge Card and Fleet Program to review current state and develop recommendations including best practices, and cost reduction strategies
  • Led an effort to design, and then operationalize a newly formed Property Management Office to revitalize the oversight of assets for a federal program office
  • Provided studies and analysis support to a federal agency’s advanced biomedical manufacturing program
  • Setup an outreach program at a financial regulatory agency for globally dispersed filers
  • Revitalized nationwide training and outreach program for a department-wide property management program serving thousands of property professionals
  • Deployed instructional videos and introduced several asset management training courses at a government organization
  • Supported a government agency in performing monthly reconciliation of acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of capital and non-capital personal property against general ledger balances in the Financial Management System of Record
  • Provided SME support in developing a Department-wide Strategic Sourcing effort
  • Assisted a fee-for-service organization with estimating cost recovery goals for labor and moving, storage, disposal, recycling, and re-utilization operations
  • Supported PP&E reporting at a cabinet level department for preparation of Departmental Annual Financial Statement
  • Conducted processing, collection, payment audit, reconciliation of receivables at a financial services regulatory agency
  • Charged with management of Property Management Information System Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities, as well as new application development, for a Department-wide system of record for property management; activity serves all agencies within the department;
  • Upgraded and migrated Property Management Information system to Government Cloud
  • Provided O&M Support to multiple Health IT-related Enterprise Systems at a government agency